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Bringing Indigenous Wisdom into Life and Education Conference October 5/6/7, 2018

Beautiful circles, amazing timeless moments, deepest gratitude for life and our natural world was shared in many hearts as sixty five participants gathered at beautiful White Feather Ranch in the Sierra foothills for this conference. There were representatives from twelve Waldorf schools and teachers from as far away as Arizona, Oregon and Georgia.

 Our gifted native presenters, who are all well known artists, teachers, and Waldorf parents, shared the views and thinking of wise indigenous people today who carry the legacy of living in harmony with earth and life. James Marquez, Stan Padilla, Aiona Anderson, and Aaron Sumexheltza represented three native bio regions, the Great Plains, (Lakota),  Mexico (Yaqui) and Canada, (Lower Nicola).

 The focus was also to bring correction to truths of America’s history as taught in our schools.  Their statements were firm. “Columbus did not ‘discover ‘ America.  He came with papal bulls, the ‘doctrines of discovery’ originally designed for wars of conquest in Europe and then extended to new territories. Dum Diversas 1452— an edict to claim title in the name of the church at God’s command, to all lands not inhabited by Christians, described as ‘pagans and other enemies of Christ’ and consign them to ‘perpetual slavery’, including by military force, convert them for ‘use and profit’.  The devastating legacies of that doctrine are all too apparent.  Surely the prominent enshrining of the statue of Queen Isabella sending Columbus forth in the California state capital is no longer appropriate in 2018.

 Aiona’s story is representative of all the presenters ancestral experience. She told of her people living peacefully and sustainably in Canada, in a region accessible only by horseback, and how they were ‘discovered’ by a white man who promptly named them after himself. When Aiona was young, the authorities came and gave her parents two choices: have their children removed and placed in different foster homes, or sent to residential school where it turned out they were also separated. 




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