Our conferences feature a full weekend of keynotes, focus groups, movement, and shared meals in community with each other as we build our vision in freedom and love for America.



 About one hour's drive east of Sacramento in the Sierra foothills: 5595 White Feather Way, Placerville CA 95667


Can't attend but want to support this vital work? Tax Deductible Donations in support of The America Conference may be made to The Nova Institute.  Contact Carol at cpetrash@earthlink.net.  Or call 301.946.9465


Housing is ranch/dormitory style and is available in order of requests received.   There is plenty of space for camping. There are also some spaces in the main house and guest cabin for elders or those with special needs. Please bring your own sleeping bags or bedrolls.  Limited linens are available by request. There is a Best Western in Placerville, a half hour away and some Bed and Breakfasts fairly close by.  More info about these is available from Carol.

To accommodate travel needs during this holiday weekend, we are offering additional nights stay with no extra charge.  Meals (organic) for the conference begin at noon on Saturday and go to noon on Monday.  People are welcome to come on Friday and bring their food for that day.  Also anticipating there may be some special connections made during the conference, for those who wish to share further discussion and envisioning, we are offering a Monday night stay-over at no charge as well.  There is a market with an excellent organic section just ten minutes from White Feather Ranch.





May our feeling penetrate
Into the center of our heart
And seek, in Love to unite itself
With the human beings seeking
The same goal,
With the spirit beings who,
Bearing Grace,
Strengthening us from realms of light
And illuminating our Love
Are gazing down upon
Our earnest heartfelt striving
and in beholding
strengthen us from realms of Light
illuminating our Life in Love.
— Rudolf Steiner: The America Verse